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We are Youva, a stationery brand that wants to encourage you. To express yourself, to work out your smallest ideas even if they begin with a single sentence, or the most basic doodle. Youva is you, always restless, never settling. Youva enables all of us, thinkers and doers of the world, to start on a fresh page, to create a brave new world.

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  • Inspiring & Imaginative Creators

  • Enabling Creative Partners

  • Catalysts of Change

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Everyday Excellence

An expansive collection of products created with love to give your process, a sense of purpose. With vibrant and inspiring designs, it reflects the users’ dynamism and cotemporary vibe. Just what you want to be spotted with!

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What’s in our core?

It’s change. It’s in our DNA, in our every nucleus to upgrade and match the evolving needs of this youthful, creative universe. Taking inspiration from "Aham Brahmasmi" which means "I AM THE ABSOLUTE CREATOR" we honestly believe all of us are magicians, whipping up innovative ideas & innovations from our black hats, that is our brain, born out of our experiences. We want to inspire YOU to tap into that limitless potential that lies within you, and let it pour out in all forms of creativity, with us, through us.

what should you
expect from us

Youva is really excited about the new decade. We want to build a community of creators, moving away from our ‘It’s Cool’ attitude to enabling you to develop those things that are OMG THE COOLEST EVER! Holding this vision close to our hearts, we promise to create an experience that motivates YOU to experiment and explore new avenues, through our renewed products and philosophy.

In The News

Youva by Navneet urges to think differently through new campaign

The films capture different scenarios using Youva products, are part of a series of integrated marketing and promotional activities...

Youva unveils new brand identity

The new design highlights a nucleus shape in the logo, that encapsulates the source and essence of all creativity.

Navneet Education Limited appoints Abhijit Sanyal as Official Spokesperson for Youva

Navneet Education Limited, the brand of the educational product, has appointed Abhijit Sanyal as their official spokesperson for Youva – its domestic stationery brand for the youth.


A special edition newsletter was released to announce the rebranding of Navneet's Stationery brand Youva.

19th edition of Youva Master Stroke signs off on a high-note

We at Youva are excited to culminate the 19h edition of Youva Masterstroke, which has once again had a successful end.