Youva unveils new brand identity

Domestic stationery brand from the house of Navneet Education Limited, Youva, has undergone a brand refresh, including a new logo and tagline - Think. Create.

Abhijit Sanyal, chief strategy officer at Navneet Education and the official spokesperson for Youva, explains the idea behind the new brand identity and what are the strategies kept in mind while marketing Youva.

Edited Excerpts;
Please elaborate on the channels of marketing the brand, and spends for the same.

At Youva, we believe in existing in all channels where our consumer is currently consuming content. May it be the traditional route of TV, retail visibility followed by digital. The TG comprises of kids, their parents and the youth. Marketing spends are commensurate with revenue growth, and usually pegged within 5%.

What is the story behind the identity rejuvenation of Youva?
Youva was launched as a stationery brand in 2016, under the parent brand, Navneet Education Limited. The youth today are the path makers of tomorrow. India is a country with a large population of youngsters with an average age of 29. This has profound implications for us as a business. And we recognise and understand this. It means we need to reorient ourselves as a business and make youth our primary audience. Keeping up with this millennial trend we are infusing new energy into Youva – our stationery brand designed especially for the young. Every Youva product resonates with the ideology, passion, and enthusiasm of young India. This brand reorientation is in lockstep with the business’ reorientation. We needed to create a sharp, distinct positioning as well as a visual language to strengthen Youva’s presence in the retail ecosystem. To achieve this, we have established a greater synchronisation within our paper and non-paper ranges. The new design highlights a nucleus shape in the logo, that encapsulates the source and essence of all creativity. The solutions provided by the brand for all target groups will be made keeping in mind the brand belief- Enabling & inspiring the creator in You.

How are brands evolving in their branding and marketing strategies?
The erstwhile 5 step consumer buying behaviour, spanning problem identification, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post-purchase behaviour - that took consumers through a journey comprising of Three Moments of Truth, has now been collapsed to what is termed the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), thanks to the explosion in internet usage, where consumers are vicariously exposed to the entire journey at one shot, through others’ experiences.

Brands are evolving their strategies keeping this metamorphosis in mind. Digital is becoming a cornerstone of marketing strategies. Also, brands have to keep up with global innovation trends, since all net users are exposed to these. More often than not – 'Money for Value’ is replacing the usual 'Value for Money'

What are the future plans for the company?
India is among the youngest countries in the world, with an average age of 29. This has profound implications for us as a business and we recognise the importance of this. It means we need to reorient ourselves as a business and make youth our primary audience.

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