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About Youva Student Council

Youva Student Council (YSC) is a yearlong program, run under the brand name Youva, with an objective to create a platform which allows the students to associate with the brand as the “Youva Student Ambassador” and assist in creating its future line of products. A one-of-its-kind chance to make a significant contribution in driving an Indian giant to achieve greater heights.

Initiated with a two-pronged objective, YSC not only aims to co-create products as per the students’ needs, but also to provide an opportunity where the students get to interact with the business heads of the company and develop important skills to be great future leaders.

Selection Process

YSC is a closed group of student representatives from select few schools across India. Following is the procedure to enroll as a student representative:

The nomination of student representative lies at the sole discretion of the school principal.

One student from specific class 7th – 10th will be nominated for the post of Youva Student Ambassador.

Once the nomination is done, the Youva Student Council Form available at www.youvaworld.com is to be filled.

Hereafter, a letter will be sent to the Parents of the nominated students to seek their consent. Following which, a Welcome Kit will be sent to the student, confirming their enrollment for the program.

In case a parent declines to let his/her ward to be a Youva Student Ambassador, the entire nomination process must be undertaken once again.

Gift & Advantages

Associating with the Youva Student Council comes with numerous advantages, such as –

A great platform for students to interact with the honchos of the company and learn important leadership lessons to become an influential leader.

An opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, people management, decision making, communication skill and other important traits which play a significant role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

A chance, not only to get recognition, but also win tons of goodies and cool gifts.