Playing these 6 interesting board games will make you smarter.

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September 3, 2016

Playing games was not considered a brain booster but these interesting board games will change this opinion. Involving a great deal of thinking, calculation and visualization, the below mentioned games will definitely help you become sharper and smarter.

One of the most popular board games, Scrabble is a great game to improve your spellings. And of course, your vocabulary. As you have to make high scoring words out of the given letters on your tray. So the next time you wish to learn some new words (which your opponents will create to beat you) try your hand at this fantastic word game.
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For ages, Chess has earned credits for being a strategist’s game. Many studies have shown that playing the game on a regular basis increases your IQ, boosts your memory, improves visualization and exercises both left as well as the right side of your brain. In short, it makes you use your brain to its maximum potential.
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This classic board game has charmed kids as well as grown-ups for years. Creating a replica of actual business, this game is a fantastic tool to teach kids about managing money. Another very important lesson learnt through this game is making the most of the situation thrown at you by the throw of the dice. So if you haven’t played this wonderful game, then try your hand at it as soon as possible.
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Popularly known as Othello, this game was originally known as Reversi. Essentially played by two players, the game has an 8×8 grid with black and white coins. To win, each player has to try to convert maximum number of the other player’s coins into their own. And the one with the highest number of coins wins the game. The game is a very good way to learn strategy making and forward thinking. As to plan a strategy, one has to think of future moves of the other player.
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Brainvita, also called Peg Solitaire, is a single person board game, which involves moving marbles by moving one over the other. The objective of the game is to have as few marbles as possible, at the end of the game. The perfect exercise for your brain as it lets you try various permutation combinations to get the lowest number of marbles on the board.
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Chinese Checkers
Originally from Germany, this game can be played by 2-6 players with an objective to race their pegs across the hexagram shaped board and set all the pegs before any other player. The game is the most fun way of learning strategy making and quick thinking. So be quick and get your hands on it.
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