Happy National Sports Day!

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August 29, 2016
7 reasons why sports should be a part of your daily routine.
As kids we all loved playing sports. But as we grow up, sports take a back seat in our everyday routine. And before we realize, it goes off our priority list. Many of us try to get back to playing and many of us keep wishing to do so. On this, National Sports Day, we bring you seven reasons to get back to your sports gear and enjoy its multifold benefits.

Makes you physically fit
Playing an outdoor game requires immense physical strength. This leads to greater stamina, toned muscles and higher energy levels, that too in a fun way. So if you feel bad about your bulging out tummy but get bored in the gym, then playing a sport is the best way to shed that ugly fat and gain a lithe, attractive body.

Stress management
In today’s time, hectic schedules and multi-tasking are a part of our life. But sometimes, it takes a toll on our mind and body. In such a situation, playing a sport helps reduce stress faster, as involving in physical activity of any kind stimulates the secretion of endorphin. A chemical, responsible for the feeling ‘runner’s high’ or ‘feel good’ as it decreases pain and help alleviate the symptoms of stress and tension.

Goal orientation and team spirit
Goal orientation and team spirit is a significant part of playing sports and is equally important in other areas of our day-to-day life. And what can be a better way to master this skill than playing a sport. If you wish to inculcate these crucial skills, then enroll yourself for a sport and prep yourself to up your game.

Inculcate discipline
Playing a sport not only leads to physical development but also leads to disciplining the monkey mind. As a sportsperson needs to stick to a defined practice routine, which also includes following a diet plan, focused mind etc. This in turn leads to a disciplined life.

Teaches you to accept failure and success in the same stride
Winning and losing are like the two sides of a coin. And is equally true for playing a sport. As for one player to win, the other player has to lose. But accepting defeat as gracefully as success is a lesson one learns slowly. And true sportsmanship is all about it. So be a sport and inculcate an attitude of learning from your failure.

Develops leadership skill
Playing is one thing but playing to win is another. And only a good leader can guide a team to work towards a single goal, keeping aside personal differences and individual motives. Playing any kind of group sport shapes an individual into a leader. So if you wish to spruce up your leadership skills, join a group sport.

Boosts self-esteem
Playing a sport helps one develop various skills such as team-spirit, maintaining calm irrespective of the situation, staying balanced, leading a team etc. This in turn helps one boost their self-esteem.