5 unimaginable ways to lose those extra kilos without even hitting the gym.

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August 2, 2016

With the increasing amount of time being spent in front of laptop screen, hectic work schedules and on the go food culture, obesity has become a very common phenomenon among youngsters. And the lack of time to hit the gym makes things more difficult. This often leads to low self-esteem and poor self image. So what is the solution? Is there no way to lose those extra kilos?

YES, there is. With these 5 easy habits you can easily control weight gain –

1. Use RED coloured plates to serve unhealthy food

You may find it odd but this really works. Psychologically, our mind associates the colour ‘Red’ with ‘Stop’. And we tend to eat less while eating anything from red coloured plate or bowl. So the next time you feel like having that sinful death by chocolate cake or fattening fried snacks, don’t stop yourself from having them. Just serve them on a red plate and control your portion.

2. Avoid electronic distractions while eating

You may not have paid attention but you tend to eat more while watching TV or playing on your mobile. As you lose track of how much have you eaten. Also, a study shows that people, who eat and watch TV or use mobile phones simultaneously, eat 10% more in that sitting. So now on, whenever you have your meals, make sure you relish your food and not get distracted by electronic devices.

3. Gorge on salad

I know it is a little difficult, but having a big portion of salad before moving on to the main course fills your tummy leading to reduced consumption of carbs. So include more of raw greens in your diet and feel light.

4. Chew your food 32 times

You must have heard your grandparents saying this but did you ever realize that this can actually help you avert weight gain? Well, when you chew your food slowly, your food gets digested more easily. Also, longer chewing duration makes you feel fuller as it fools your mind in believing that you have been eating for a long while and that now it should stop eating more.

 5. Sleep well and stay stress free

Believe it or not but sleep and stress have a strong effect on your appetite and weight. Stressful life and sleeplessness leads to hormonal imbalance which in turn leads to disturbed dietary cycles and weight gain. So ensure 7-8 hours of sleep and stay fit.