5 Incredibly smart ways to use your non-dust eraser.

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September 24, 2016
So far you have used your eraser only to correct your mistakes. But here are a few uses which will actually make you see your regular dust free eraser differently. And also get you some compliments from your dear ones.  So check out the fantastic five smart ways to use your regular eraser –

1. Keep your paper pins safely

Keeping the tiny paper pins is a task. If left lose in a drawer, there’s always a fear of getting pricked while taking out things from the drawer. But with this thoughtful idea, you can keep the pins safely. Just take out your old eraser and pin the bulb-head pins over it and tada! Now you will never have to worry about getting unexpectedly pricked on the fingers or losing these tiny office essentials.

2. Remove crayon marks from your walls

Crayon marks on the wall are always heart breaking. But now there’s no need to get bothered because your normal eraser is here for your rescue. Yes, you read it right. The normal dust-free erasers are great at removing crayon marks from the wall. Just rub them on the crayon marks and see the colours go away.

3. Extend battery life

 While using batteries, we seldom pay attention to cleaning them from time to time. This, often becomes a reason for charging problems as dirty contact points lead to reduced battery life. And even if we think about it then the question arises – how to clean the dirty batteries? So here’s the solution – just take out your normal non-dust eraser and gently rub it against the dirty ends of your battery. Soon you would see the contact points of the battery getting free from all the dirt.

4. Make a great temporary earring backing 

As much as we love junk jewelry, that much we hate the pain that it causes. But you don’t need to bare more pain, just take a small round shaped eraser and place it at the back side of the earring after wearing it. So enjoy all the fancy danglers and stone studded jewelry, without any pain.

5. Photo frame corners

The metallic photo frames add a distinct charm to the old pictures. But when hung against the wall, the hard metal sometimes leaves scratch marks on the wall. But there’s an easy way to get rid of those wall spoilers. ERASER. Just cut a small piece from your regular non-dust eraser or take a small sized eraser and stick it at the back side of the corners of the photo frame and you are sorted!  The small erasers will stop the metallic frame from rubbing against your wall and will keep the walls scratch free.